Confirmation seals our Baptismal promises and blesses the recipient with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

This Sacrament is typically received in the 7th grade after participating in a
Confirmation Preparation program starting in the 6th grade.

• Confirmation program is on Sundays.

• Students should be registered and participating in the Confirmation. Students will be required to attend Sunday Mass as well.

• Students must attend a Retreat and complete 20 hours of service per year in the church and community.

• Parents will need to attend the first meeting.

•Paperwork and requirements:
a. Copy of Baptismal Certificate
b. Sponsor Good Standing Affirmation Form
c. Saint Paper
d. Service Hours Sheet
e. Letter to the Bishop
f. Attend Confirmation Retreat
g. Meet with Confirmation Coordinators/Catechists in the Fall to discuss
Confirmation and ensure each student knows the information.
h. Receive Reconciliation during the month that precedes.i. Attend Sunday Mass regularly.