Father Oscar: Father Oscar García was a priest dedicated to his ministry, building the Church spiritually and physically in Colombia. The last communities he pastored benefited from his efforts in which our Rock Springs community stood in solidarity.
Two days after handing over the remodeling of the
temple, he tragically died along with two other people.
A deep emptiness is left for those who knew him.

The best way to honor his memory is to pray for his eternal
rest and let us also pray for their loved ones and their parishioners who suffer their departure. Some members of our community have expressed their desire to contribute to support Father Oscar’s family and the
family of those who died with him
. Father Oscar had
also requested a bank loan for the remodeling of the
temple, for which the diocese to which he belonged
has been committed. If you have the opportunity to support the family and the diocese of Vélez in Colombia please write a check made out to Holy Spirit Catholic Community indicating the intention of the do-
nation, we will be receiving donations until August 17.

Please call the office for more information 397-362-2611


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