Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I am immensely happy myself to be introduced before
you all. I am Fr. Innasi( Ignatius) Mudiyappan, native of
Arulanandapuram, state of Tamilnadu, in South India. I
was ordained in 2006 after the completion of Ecclesiastical studies in India, Dominican Republic and in
I belong to a Pontifical Secular Institute of Voluntas Dei
which was founded in 1958,Quebec, Canadá. We are
present in 32 countries around the world mostly in third
world countries I have been called to serve the Lord and the People of
God in our Catholic Church as an ordained priest as
Associate Pastor, Rector of the seminary, Provincial of
the India Region and at present as a Delegate for the
Continent of Asia representing as General Consultor for
my community members in Asia.

My hobbies are sports baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf,
Soccer..etc listening to music, reading books, meditation
on the daily word of God and learning languages like
Malayalam, tamil(indian language ) French, Spanish,
Fr. Ignatiu


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