Congratulations on your engagement! Marriage is a lifelong union between a man and a woman that reflects God’s love for the church. We pray that your marriage may bring you a lifetime of happiness.

The personal preparation for marriage consists of the following:

  1. The couple must contact the parish office and schedule an appointment to meet with the priest at least six-month in advance of the anticipated liturgical celebration of their marriage.
  2. A priest, deacon or pastoral minister of the parish will assist the couple in the completion and collection of all the necessary documents for marriage in the Church.
  3. The couple will come into to the parish office and complete a Church Use Contract as well pay a cleaning deposit. In gratitude to God for the Sacrament of Marriage there is a suggested offering of $400.
  4. The priest will meet with the couple and a file with all the necessary information
    will be added.
  5. The Couple will take the FOCUS inventory.
  6. A pre-marriage inventory is to be administered and thoroughly reviewed with the
    couple. Normally, this will be the FOCCUS; but for those who have been married
    outside the Church and are seeking to marry in the Church and have been
    married at least three years, the REFOCCUS may be used.
  7. The couple is to participate in a Natural Family Planning Class, which may be
    done through an accredited online program.
  8. A couple, who have been married previously, before they can schedule a
    new celebration of marriage, must have their prior marriages resolved either
    through the death of their spouse, a Catholic Church annulment. Please contact
    Deacon Bill Hill at 307-389-6005 to schedule.
  9. Once the marriage and rehearsal date are arranged the dates will be added to