Parish Office: Our office continues to be closed to
the public at this time. The staff is in the office Monday – Friday 8 am to 5pm and closed for lunch noon to
1pm. If you are in need of assistance you may call for
an appointment. We continue to serve the needs of
our parish. Please call if we can be of any assistance
at 362-2611.
As we look forward to reopening the office to the
public we will be asking all staff and visitors to
observe the following guidelines. Upon entering the
office all staff and visitors will:
Complete the Covid-19 monitoring checklist
Take temperature and record
Wear a mask
Follow social distancing of 6’
We have made some physical changes to the office
also. The front office will be closed to visitors and we
have installed a plexi glass window to allow us to
speak safely to visitors. We hope you view these
changes not as impersonal but rather as safety
precautions for our priests, staff, and parishioners.


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